Not only are we a black & women-owned brand design studio, but we are also professional and creative entrepreneurs with over 10+ years of experience in brand identity, graphic and web design. We collaborate with small businesses and non-profits across a variety of industries.


We understand how powerfully design, and strategy, can differentiate a company from the competition.

We also collaborate with talented designers who provide different perspectives and skills to create the best strategies and designs for you! It takes a village to build a successful company!

Brand Strategy

Content Strategy/Messaging
Market Research & Discovery
Advertising Campaigns

Naming & Timeline

Visual Design

Visual Identity/Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Website Design

Print and Digital Design 

Social Media Campaigns


Turn Your Business into a Brand 

We analyze the scope of the project and dig deep into your vision to understand and empathize the problems you need to solve.

We explore your audience needs and industry competition to recommend the best solutions for you. The plan we develop achieve a specific goal.

This is where we turn your vision, mixed with our expertise into visuals. We start sketching, building protypes and creating designs.

Your feedback is important to a successful collaboration. You have the opportunity to refine our trajectory on each draft.

We deliver professional files and formats for your big launch. A style guide and/or tutorial will be provided for applicable projects.


Brand Strategy Visual Identity

Web Design



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