Create a Floating Storefront and a Great First Impression.

Your business image matters.

This doesn’t mean you should conform. It means you should stand out in the best way! Your professionalism, attention to detail and experience can be reflected before any in-person interaction.

For example, a clean restaurant can give patrons confidence about the state of the kitchen, the customer service expected and the food provided. The clean restaurant makes it easier for people walking by to make the decision to come in and buy from them. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have the luxury of a store front location. They are run online, via email or sold “door to door.” There isn’t a physical storefront to let people know who they are or how the business is qualified to solve specific problems.

This is where a well thought out visual identity comes into play. Use websites, brochures, business cards or any business collateral as the storefront for a growing business. It can represent and speak for the business’ professionalism and potential value to the customer. Being consistent across printed and digital material will create a floating storefront that should be well thought out and planned in advance.

That’s where branding comes into play. A brand includes the messaging that communicates your business values, motivations and personality, as well as the visual identity. Essentially, the face of the business. It includes the fonts, colors and overall look that sets a mood and culture for who your audience can expect to interact with. And most of all, it stays consistent to help the benefits of your business be remembered by your customers. And who doesn’t want to be remembered?

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