A logo is generally the first thing a customer encounters on your website, business card, social media page, or storefront, but do you know what makes a GOOD logo design? 

If not, no worries, we'll tell you. 

Discover the Key Qualities for Design

A good logo is easily recognizable and memorable. Don't waste your time and money on an ineffective logo that makes your business look amateur.

Know what to look for when working with a logo designer. Ask yourself these questions:

Does my logo convey my vision? Your logo should communicate your brand personality. An effective logo provides an immediate sense of what the company is all about.

Is my logo versatile? An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications. Does your logo work in one color? on dark background? on print and digital?

Bonus Tip: Get horizontal and vertical lockup for different proportions

Is my logo scalable?

Your logo should be designed in vector format. Vector logos can be scaled to any size, small or large, without losing quality.

Does my logo work in black and white? Your logo should focus on concept and shape, not only color. See what your logo looks like in both color and in black and white.

Do I have the correct logo file formats?

Be ready to use your logo anywhere by receiving the correct logo files. If your printing use PDF, EPS files, and for digital use JPEG, PNG files.

Is my logo customer-focus? Your logo should be appropriate for its intended audience. For example, a child-like font and rainbow color scheme shouldn’t be used for a law firm.

Is my logo simple or complex? Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable and memorable. Think Nike, McDonald, Apple, or Google. Less Is More.

To your success!

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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. 

- Jeff Bezos,Amazon CEO

Have you ever thought about how your customers perceive your brand? When a consumer purchases your product or service, what are they saying to others about their experience and interaction?

Your customers aren't just buying the best product or service, they're buying how they relate with the brand. Read more Brand Image Matters More Than You Think" ~ Forbes

7 ways you can build a positive brand image.

Developing a brand image isn’t a one and done, it evolves over time. There’s always room to improve on your customers’ and employees’ experience.

1. Define your brand’s purpose.

Why do you exist? What problem do you solve? What differentiates you? Why should people care?

2. Know your target audience.

You have to understand your customers needs. Research your buyer persona and talk to their pain points. Delivery what your customer values the most.

3. Develop the key message.

The language you use should be simple and clear. Don’t just state what you sell, but tell customers why they need your product or service.

4. Invest in brand Identity.

Your brand identity is how people recognize you. Do you look professional or inexperienced? This includes elements of a brand such as its logo, slogan, style, website, and, etc.

5. Provide excellent customer service.

Respond to all customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. Be it through phone, social media, email or live chat, respond to your customers.

6. Build credibility.

You can show customer testimonials and reviews on your website. Building great relationships allows others to endorse and support your brand.

7. Be consistent.

Your brand should look and feel the same in everything that your customer can see, read, and hear. This builds trust.

Remember, you have the opportunity to shape the minds of customers based on the experience and interaction YOU provide.

To your success!

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