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Liz Matory

Political Campaign Brand

Web Design  |  Print Design  |  Promotional 

Four years ago, Liz Matory ran for a Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in Montgomery County.


Talooka created a bold political campaign that defined who Liz Matory was a candidate. The visual identity and promotional items helped the audience connect with the issues. 


She’s also the co-author of the 2016 political memoir, Born Again Republican . (A book cover we designed too!) 


I absolutely LOVE Talooka Studio. I have relied on Talooka for every creative project I have had. Whether for the logo for my first campaign or my first book or first conference.  I'd like to highlight is their ability to be patient with my collaboration. They always ask me first what I'm thinking, flexible when I change my mind, and honest when my ideas don't make sense. I recommend them to infinity & beyond!


Elizabeth Matory