"Consistency is key!” But why?

Brand consistency is utilizing your visual identity, values, and core messages repeatedly to build brand recognition. Throughout your website, email, marketing collateral, social media and every touchpoint your customer hits, you must be consistent.

It develops trust and loyalty, making your brand top-of-mind with your customers.

Follow these 6 best practices to achieve brand consistency

Reliable Tone & Voice Decide what tone you’re going to have in your messaging. Relaxed or Professional? Find your voice and stick to it.

Same Fonts Which fonts are you using on your platforms? Script? Serif? or Sans serif?

Know the name of your font and use it on everything.

Specific Colors What colors are your brand specific colors? Choose one main color to help consumers recognize you.

Know your Positioning Define your specific place in the market, your niche. What do your customers think of when they think of your brand?

Use One Professional Logo

Your logo should be the same on all mediums, from website to flyers. You never want to see your logo stretched out of proportion or painted up with new colors.


Develop a Brand Guideline

This ensures all messaging and brand asset use is on-point and consistent. They serve as guides to other people working closely with your brand too.

To your success!

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